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V1.5.0 Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.5.0 of the CDR Standards.

High Level Standards

Change Description Link
Update NFR description Update to the language for NFR thresholds to clarify how status and outage end points are addressed Non Functional Requirements
Future Date Obligations Future Dated Obligations for DP135 November consent changes and Maintenance Iteration 4 breaking changes Future Date Obligations
Minor errata for 1.4.0 Fixed links and typos in 1.4.0 and correct use of common field types
Payload Conventions Added section on Arrays to clarify how empty and single valued arrays should be treated Array conventions
NFR Performance Thresholds Clarified end point performance tiers and removed ambiguous overlaps Performance Requirements

API End Points

Change Description Link
Update to CRN description Update to the documentation to be clear on the expectations for masking any data that the data holder considers sensitive BankingBillerPayee
BankingPayee nickname Updated description of nickname BankingPayee
BankingBillerPayee update Added crnType to BankingBillerPayee BankingBillerPayee
Extend rejection counts for unauthenticated APIs Introduced GetMetrics V2 and RejectionMetrics V2 Get Metrics
Correct isPartial field type Correctly references CDS Boolean common field type DiscoveryOutage
Correct minimumValue and maximumValue field type Correctly references CDS Number common field type BankingProductRateTierV3
Update to amount description Update to the documentation for amount in BankingProductDiscount to remove grammatical mistakes BankingProductDiscount
Update to BankingProductDiscountEligibility Update to correctly define additionalInfo and the eligibility array to be conditional based on applicable constraints BankingProductDiscountEligibility
Update to Product Discount Type FEE_CAP description Update to FEE_CAP description to correctly reference applicable rates Product Discount Types
Added typed version support for ANZSIC and ANZSCO codes Added version support for industryCode and occupationCode to allow data holders to reference the applicable document versions for the codes they hold. Get Customer
Added Get Metrics v2 Based on breaking changes, introduced v2 for Get Metrics end point Get Metrics v2

Information Security Profile

Change Description Link
Mandatory Claims for ID Token Changes related to alignment with normative references of ID Token Tokens
Required use of Authentication Time claim Updated description in the standards to remove the requirement for auth_time unless it is requested as an essential claim Scopes and Claims
Updates to November consent changes Updates the sections covering Concurrent Consent, PAR client authentication, CDR Arrangement Revocation and CDR Arrangement ID documenation based on DP135 Scopes and Claims
Update token introspection endpoint Updated token introspection text to align with normative reference and added scope claim Endpoints

Consumer Experience

No Changes