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V1.16.1 Release Notes

Release notes for version v1.16.1 of the CDR Standards.

This release contains minor errata and documentation fixes as well as upgrades of swagger files to OpenAPI specification v3

High Level Standards

Change Description Link
Link to Endpoint Versioning Added a link to the Endpoint Versioning Schedule in the High Level Standards's Versioning section Versioning
Normative and Informative Tooltips Added tooltips for all normative and informative references to assist in quick translation of references to the upstream document reference Normative References
Moved Normative and Informative references Moved normative and informative references out of the Security standards section into the Introduction section to cover all standards Normative References

API End Points

Change Description Link
isTokenised type The isTokenised field has been corrected to be a boolean type Energy APIs
positiveInteger types Fields of common type positiveInteger have been corrected to be of 'integer' type in OAS Energy APIs
Optionality of Meta Objects The optional/mandatory status of meta objects has been aligned with standard practice for CDR Energy APIs
x-fapi-iteraction-id x-fapi-iteraction-id has been removed from the public Tariff endpoints Energy APIs
Enum Array Bug Correct the bug where arrays of enums were not being listed with their enumeration values Energy APIs
controlledLoad flag Corrected the description of the controlledLoad flag to match previous agreement with AEMO (applies to SDH endpoints also) Energy APIs

Information Security Profile

No changes

Consumer Experience

Change Description Link
BPAY capitalisation Corrected the capitalisation of BPAY (from BPay) Banking Language