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V1.16.0 Release Notes

Release notes for version v1.16.0 of the CDR Standards.

This release minor errata and documentation fixes.

High Level Standards

Change Description Link
Introduction Corrected link for RFC2119 Introduction
Energy endpoint versioning Updated description of energy bulk balance API in endpoint version schedule from "Get Bulk Balances (Energy)" to "Get Bulk Balances for Energy" to align with standards Endpoint Versioning Schedule

API End Points

Change Description Link
Register APIs Corrected GetDataHolderBrands RegisterDataHolderAuth and jwksEndpoint schema definitions to clarify their usage in DH to ADR client authentication Register APIs
Register APIs Corrected Register OpenId Provider Config Document definition defect renaming request_object_signing_alg_values_supported to token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values_supported Register APIs
Banking APIs Corrected GetProducts response reference from ResponseBankingProductList to ResponseBankingProductListV2 Banking APIs
Energy schema Change type of page and page-size in Energy APIs to PositiveInteger Energy Schema

Information Security Profile

Change Description Link
Client Authentication Removed duplicate section: Data Holders calling Data Recipients Client Authentication
Authentication Flows Clarified requirements for Data Recipient Software Products S256 code challenge method Authentication Flows
Normative References Updated the normative reference for RFC9126 to add the link to the associated standard Normative References

Consumer Experience

Change Description Link
Insights and Trusted Adviser Added the CX standards arising from Decision 222 to support Insights and Trusted Adviser Disclosure Consents Consent Standards