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V1.11.1 Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.11.1 of the CDR Standards.

This release minor errata and documentation fixes.

High Level Standards

Change Description Link
Fixed website link Fixed the link to the Consumer Data Standards website N/A

API End Points

Change Description Link
Get Customer / Get Customer Detail Documentation was updated to clarify that given names which cannot be separated can be represented as a single string in the firstName field Get Customer
Base path terminology Consistent use of terminology for holder path, base path, and resource path N/A
Get Transactions For Account Documentation fix to ensure quote marks render correctly in YAML Get Transactions For Account
Lending Products Categories Fixed documentation where TRADE FINANCE is missing an underscore and it should be TRADE_FINANCE Product Categories

Information Security Profile

Change Description Link
Authorisation Scopes Clarified the documentation for the "Basic Bank Account Data" scope that account numbers are not included with the basic scope Authorisation Scopes
Token Revocation Updated token revocation endpoint documentation to remove legacy references to Data Recipient support for a Token Revocation endpoint. This has been replaced by the CDR Arrangement Revocation end point. Token Revocation
Normative references Updated the FAPI normative references to correctly point to the Draft 06 version specified in the data standards Normative References

Consumer Experience

Change Description Link
Documentation fixes for Accessibility section Removed duplicate sentence in "Content distinction" and fixed the WCAG hyperlink Accessibility