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Get Software Statement Assertion (SSA) V2

This page documents the obsolete version 2 of the Get Software Statement Assertion (SSA) end point.

Get Software Statement Assertion (SSA)

Code samples

GET https://<register-base-url>/cdr-register/v1/{industry}/data-recipients/brands/{dataRecipientBrandId}/software-products/{softwareProductId}/ssa HTTP/1.1
Host: <register-base-url>
Accept: application/json
Authorization: string
x-v: string

var headers = {
  'Authorization Endpoint (Register)':'string',


  url: 'https://<register-base-url>/cdr-register/v1/{industry}/data-recipients/brands/{dataRecipientBrandId}/software-products/{softwareProductId}/ssa',
  method: 'get',

  headers: headers,
  success: function(data) {

GET /{industry}/data-recipients/brands/{dataRecipientBrandId}/software-products/{softwareProductId}/ssa

Get a Software Statement Assertion (SSA) for a Data Recipient software product on the CDR Register to be used for Dynamic Client Registration with a Data Holder Brand.

Endpoint Version

Version 2


Name In Type Required Description
industry path string mandatory The industry the participant is retrieving data for (Banking, etc)
dataRecipientBrandId path string mandatory Unique id for the Accredited Data Recipient Brand that the Software Product is associated with in the CDR Register
softwareProductId path string mandatory Unique id for the Accredited Data Recipient Software Product in the CDR Register
Authorization Endpoint (Register) header string mandatory An Authorisation Token as per RFC6750.
x-v header string optional The version of the API end point requested by the client. Must be set to a positive integer.

Enumerated Values

Parameter Value
industry banking

Example responses

200 Response



Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK Success string
400 Bad Request Invalid industry path parameter
Invalid SoftwareProductId
401 Unauthorized Invalid Bearer Token None
403 Forbidden Invalid BrandId ResponseErrorList
406 Not Acceptable Invalid x-v header
Invalid Accept header
422 Unprocessable Entity SSA fields invalid or incomplete ResponseErrorList

Response Headers

Status Header Type Format Description
200 x-v string The version of the API end point that the CDR Register has responded with.


  "errors": [
      "code": "string",
      "title": "string",
      "detail": "string",
      "meta": {}


Name Type Required Description
errors [Error] mandatory none


  "code": "string",
  "title": "string",
  "detail": "string",
  "meta": {}


Name Type Required Description
code string mandatory Error code
title string mandatory Error title
detail string mandatory Error detail
meta object optional Optional additional data for specific error types